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John Fredericks Radio Network

Jun 23, 2022

The John Fredericks Radio Show - GUESTS: Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, J. Christian Anderson, Steve Stern, Caroline Jeffords, Yesli Vega, Richard Baris, Suzy Kelly + your calls at 1-888-480-JOHN (5646) and on GETTR @jfradioshow #GodzillaOfTruth #TruckingTheTruth #OracleOfDeplorables 

7:00 @P_McCulloughMD 
7:15  J. Christian Anderson 
7:45 Steve Stern 
8:05 @RepDougCollins / RedZone
8:35 @yestoyesli 
9:05 Richard Baris 
9:35 @suzykelly / Austin Ruse