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John Fredericks Radio

May 30, 2024

5/30/2024 PODCAST Episodes #1389 - #1391 GUEST: Col. John Mills, Derrick Anderson, Anna Mou, Dr. Ben Tapper, Scott Parkinson, Rep. Victoria Spartz, Liz Peek, Joe Morrissey + YOUR CALLS! at 1-888-480-JOHN (5646) and GETTR Live! @jfradioshow #GodzillaOfTruth #TruckingTheTruth


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Episode #1389 DEMS Unveil $100MM Abortion Vote Scheme

Episode #1390 Scott Parkinson To Fredericks: "Hung Cao Lied And You Know It"

Episode #1391 Liz Peek: Isn't It Rich - Kathy Hochul Is The Real Clown of NY