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John Fredericks Radio

May 6, 2024

5/6/2024 PODCAST Episodes #1343 - #1345 GUEST: Tom Kilgannon, Patrick Morrisey, Doug Mastriano, Steve Bannon, Jonathan Emord, Joe Morrissey + YOUR CALLS! at 1-888-480-JOHN (5646) and GETTR Live! @jfradioshow #GodzillaOfTruth #TruckingTheTruth


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Episode #1343 Obama Pulling Strings at WH; Biden a Dementia Ridden Puppet

Episode #1344 May 2024 to May 2025 - The Year of Decision

Episode #1345 Joe Morrissey Blasts UVA, VCU Protests, Calls Out Parents of Demonstrating Students