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John Fredericks Radio

Nov 30, 2023

11/30/2023 PODCAST Episodes #1041 - #1044 GUEST: Rabbi Yosef Vogel, Ava Chen, Col. John Mills, Crom Carmichael, Charles Marino, Ralph Norman, Steve Bannon, Alex Mooney, Colin Sudduth, R. Emmett Tyyrell + YOUR CALLS! at 1-888-480-JOHN (5646) and GETTR Live! @jfradioshow #GodzillaOfTruth #TruckingTheTruth


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Episode #1041 Republicans' Talk-A-Thon - The Empty Suit Brigade

Episode #1042 Biden's Collateral Damage Power Scheme

Episode #1043 Murdoch/Koch Cabal Picks Nikki Haley The Viper To Stop Trump

Episode #1044 Tales From The Right